Name: Nicole

Age: 19

Hometown: New Castle, Delaware, USA

Explored: Vienna, Austria and Budapest, Hungary

About: University of Delaware Student


"They say that to travel is to live,
And during my month in Vienna and Budapest,
that's exactly what I did.

As we traveled through each city,
I soaked up so much history,
and made connections between my culture and the ones I was exploring;
how exciting it was to find familiarity in a place that once seemed so foreign.

Trying new foods was one of the experiences I enjoyed the most,
from Goulash, to wiener schnitzels, sachertorte, and Langos,
I indulged new flavors and spices
on an adventure made possible because of my parents' sacrifices.

As I traveled, I was reminded that poverty and challenges can exist in any part of the world,
regardless of how fancy and perfect it may initially seem.
I learned that in every new destination,
There may be things we'd like to change and others we will instantly love.

And after every experience in a new country,
we must reflect on our life at home and value our opportunities, 
for they may be the ones that others are dreaming of."


Lindsey Shavers