Name: Diana

Age: 21

Hometown: Newark, New Jersey, USA

Explored: Brazil

About: University of Virginia Student


"While in Brazil it was clear that there was a major difference in the lifestyle between the rich and the poor and the white and the non-white. Since Brazil still has the largest population of black citizens, subsequent to Nigeria, the culture in Brazil is largely due to their African heritage. Cornerstones of black culture – such as samba music and the martial art capoeira– have been thoroughly co-opted into Brazilian identity. On our trip, I could just see it. The food was very similar to that of West Africa. The beats in their music and the importance of the marketplace all stood out to me. Still,

·      Police kill on average five Brazilians a day, more than 80% of those are black bodies

·      Black and mixed-race Brazilians continue to earn far less than do white ones: 42.2 percent less

Nevertheless, my trips to Fight for Peace and Natura really inspired me because all of these companies understand the problems in Brazil but have created a unique path to serving various communities in Brazil. Nautra is Brazil's number one cosmetics manufacturer and one of the only Brazilian cosmetics companies that has darker and more pigmented makeup lines. Fight for Peace uses boxing and martial arts combined with education and personal development to realize the potential of young people. Going to Brazil has been my favorite study abroad experience thus far. The people, culture, food and landscape are so dynamic and pleasant. If I could live anywhere else in the world besides Ghana, it would be Brazil."

Lindsey Shavers